How to get rid of the mold from the basement

There are many ways to get rid of the mold from your basement. But you need to determine the length of the mold-infested area and the depth of mold infestation. After inspecting properly, the mold problem of your home, you will be able to take necessary steps to remove mold from your home. Though there are many ways available to get rid of the mold, here I am discussing a simple but very effective way to remove the mold from the basement.See more info here.


1) Before starting cleaning mold, you need to wear proper clothes, gloves, mask and glasses to protect your skin, eyes, and the other part of the body from the mold contamination.

2) You have to mark the areas at first before start cleaning. If your basement is dark and has very low light, you should take a flood light or keep necessary lighting option so that you can see clearly what you are doing. Keep the light in a place from where you can see the whole area of your basement clearly.

3) If your basement is filled up with some unnecessary stuff, you should clean all of those. You can keep those things in a bag or basket and clean the whole area before start working. You need to keep all of the garbage in a specific bag and throw them out of your home as these things may also contain mold spores. Keeping these things after cleaning the basement may create mold problem again in your home.

4) If the floor has any carpet or there is something on the wall, you should also throw them away from your home if you want to get rid of the mold completely.

5) Then you have to make a mixture to kill the mold from your basement. There are many things available in the market which can be helpful to kill the mold. You can use vinegar, or bleach or borax to kill the mold. Take any one of this item and mix it well in an appropriate proportion with water. Then you have to take the mixture in a spray bottle.

6) You have to scrub well the mold affected area to clean the mold from that place. Rubbing properly you can pull out the mold from the wall. Then you have to spray the mixture on the wall and rub it well again with a sponge or brush. This spray will clean the surface completely and stop the molds to come back again in that area.

7) Then you have to dry out the area completely. If you want to control the humidity of this place you can use a dehumidifier to the basement so that the humidity doesn’t help to grow the mold.

8) After cleaning the basement completely, you can use the stain blocking paint on the basement so that the mold can’t grow in that place again. However, using an air purifier also help to kill the mold spore from the air. The airborne spores can be killed by ozone filter which is actively present nowadays in the air purifier to improve the air quality of an indoor area.

This is one of the most effective ways to clean the mold from your basement. But if you want to prevent mold completely from your home and the surrounding, you need to reach to the root of the problem and fix that problem initially.

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